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Floor Care & Maintenance

We provide full maintenance of all hard surface floors including ceramic tile, vinyl tile, rolled vinyl, concrete, stone, marble, terrazzo and polished stone floors. Our services include hard floor polishing, sealing, stripping, waxing, buffing (including high-speed buffing) pressure washing, hot water extraction cleaning, and auto-scrubbing.

We use the Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector System, and with it, we can hone and refinish most stone surfaces including concrete, marble, terrazzo, and other porous stone surfaces creating a shine that will make you say "Wow!" You can have a floor surface that will resist staining, scratching, and black marking better than traditional floor finishes reducing your floor maintenance costs.

This product dries in just 30 minutes and is up to six times more resistant to abrasion than traditional acrylic floor finishes. A single two-coat treatment lasts for up to a year with minimal maintenance required, so you get a great return on your investment.

No matter what kind of floors you have, we can help you keep them worry-free and looking their very best.

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