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HVAC Duct Cleaning Services:

There are lots of good reasons to clean your ducts. Here are just a few:

ducts: before and after cleaning To prevent fires caused by dirty or blocked ducts and debris
For cleaner air and easier breathing, reducing the chances of illness
To remove dust, carbon particles, pollens etc. which can cause asthma
To remove dead, living and breeding insects and their feces from ducts
including: dust mites, fleas, mosquitos, spiders and other pests
To remove small animals such as mice, rats, birds and their nests
To stop allergies and diseases caused by molds and bacteria
To extinguish odors such as cooking smells and cigarette odor
To remove skin flakes and hair on which microbes grow
To save money and wear and tear on your system (see below)

Poorly maintained and dirty ventilation systems can increase energy consumption by 60%. This is the result of dirt and debris in the ducting and on the coils and filters clogged which put the main resistance on the fan. The more the fan has to work to maintain the system's operating efficiency, the more energy is consumed. There's a straight forward message — clean the system, improve the filtration and not only will the air quality be improved, but there will be a bonus in the form of energy savings. You'll also save money by avoiding costly repairs caused by stress on the fan and other over-worked parts of your system.

cleaning ducts We understand the importance of regular and thorough duct cleaning, so to ensure a clean and healthy environment, we use professional duct cleaning equipment designed specifically for this job.

Our services are designed to ensure that all the floor ducts and ceiling ducts are clean to keep the air your breathe as pollutant-free as possible. We separately clean all parts of branch ducts, diffusers and grills to make sure that the ducts not only look clean, but really ARE clean. We also inspect your system as we go along and will let you know if there are any issues that might need to be addressed by your heating and cooling service provider.

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